The Album Studio Templates Were Created By Photographers For Photographers.

In fact we originally created them for our own use, since, as professional wedding photographers we had to design albums for our own clients.

After seeing how fast we were creating albums, many of our fellow photographers asked if they could use them. That’s when we released The Album Studio Album Templates and album design courses.

As professional photographers and designers we understand the needs of photographers and can design with them in mind. We know your time is limited but yet your clients demand absolute top quality.

Our templates and album design course are designed to help you create beautiful albums in as little time possible.

Moving on from there we also recognised a need from many photographers who wanted to create their own album layouts. For those we created the “Albums From Scratch” movie series. This series teaches the fastest techniques for creating your own layouts that can be used over and over again.

The first Photoshop course designed especially for wedding and portrait photographers…

We also understood the need for a specialised Photoshop training course for wedding and portrait photographers. Most Photoshop courses on the market go into Photoshop in so much detail but yet miss out some very important lessons. In fact we found it very hard to get all the information we needed in just one course. This is why we created Photoshop Fast!

“Photoshop Fast!” is designed for beginner through intermediate users. Its starts with the basics of Photoshop and moves quickly into professional yet simple image editing techniques designed specially for the wedding and portrait photographer. Then we go one step further and show you exactly how to automate the process.

Overall we hope our products make your life easier and your customers happier!

Good Luck!

Max and Rebecca Davies (Photographers and Designers)