People love our templates and movies.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here are just a few of the comments we’ve received over the years:

Your templates and videos are awesome! I really like your templates, and I think you have done an excellent job with the instruction to go along with them, and we’d love to be able to point our clients in your direction

Ian Hern, BonMatch Albums –

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your templates… so easy to use, and the video tutorials were EXCELLENT!!! love that you can rotate, copy, etc.

Until I found you, I either didn’t like the templates I had found, or the software was too much trouble, and time consuming to use. Thank you for having awesome templates at affordable prices!  Thanks for making such a great product!! – Winner of the Wedding Wire’s Bride Choice Award & The Knot’s Best of Wedding Photographers 2008-2009

My customer’s absolutely love the albums I create using your templates.  They are one of the main reasons I get new customers.  My brides show their album to their friends and its better than word of mouth.  The instruction videos are fantastic and so easy to use.  When my computer crashed, they were in my top 10 list of what I had to get back ASAP.

Sheila Polk, Polk Photography

I was blown away surprised that the tutorials were actually easy to follow, understand, concise, to the point, efficient and actually enjoyable. This is even better than Adobes own stuff.

RC, Scotland, UK

Wow! I am absolutely thrilled by everything I received in your package. There is such value here and at such an affordable price! I will most definitely recommend this to others. Your tutorials have been so informative and are easy to follow, yet not long and boring! They are quick, precise and have taught me so many valuable tips and tricks. The album templates are great and easy to use and I am excited to watch the tutorials on “How to Build Albums from scratch”. There is literally so much in this bundle I have barely scratched the surface and already feel I got way more than my money’s worth. You rock, Max!

Jenna Lee Jenna Lee Pictures, Colorado, USA

I love the templates… It has made designing my albums an absolute breeze!!

Melanie Silva, Mel Silva Photography

I absolutely love your training! I’ve been confounded by all the varieties of albums and programs out there and this really puts the process back in my control. The videos are very easy to follow and you do a fantastic job of explaining as you go. You haven’t lost me once! I love that each video is relatively short so I can learn when I have just a few minutes or review quickly when I need to. Thanks again.


I downloaded The Album Studio package and am already amazed at what I can arrange in Photoshop! The videos are just the right level of tuition very well explained. I thought I needed 3rd party software to create album layouts like these but I have had it all along in Photoshop!

I have not used a template yet just going through the Album from scratch series. Worth every penny and would be happy to endorse the package when ever I can. Kindest Regards

Ian Coopland – The Link Photography, UK

Your product is absolutely superb. The results are looking great so far, kudos to you and your team! It’s not just the templates I’m impressed with, it’s the overall package – from start guide to videos – I think the whole lot is well put together, thorough and current.

J.C. London, UK

I’m really blown away with the product! The templates are brilliant and the tutorials are the clearest and easiest to follow videos I’ve ever seen. Whoever put these together did an absolutely incredible job on them. Really I learned more from the tutorials in 10 minutes in the easiest way. You have a really great product!

P.Z. Seattle, USA

Wow! You are the master of PS shortcuts!

Rick Olivier, New Orleans

I LOVE your templates and the videos are brilliant. Only done a few mock ups as practice, and can hardly wait to see them in print. Thanks so much for this product and all the extra info.


I am a 100% satisfied customer! I just purchased your templates about a couple of weeks ago.  I am now building my first album using these templates.  I am a very advanced (not expert) user of Photoshop and Lightroom so much of the things I saw from your videos was a review… but I did learn a lot too.

Your templates are saving me time and they are in no way restrictive of my workflow or artistic vision.  These templates are like Legos for photographers who design and build albums.

Personally, I think you have done a great job with using your training to market your product.  Even amateurs can follow through the videos and understand how your products can help them and why they SHOULD use your templates.

Also, your pricing was more than reasonable.  When compared to purchasing templates from other designers like:[Censored] you can see some contrast in pricing.  For me, I don’t really need their “custom look” templates because I can design a “genuinely custom” album in about the same time it would take to use their designs. What would you do?  Pay $70 for a 20 page “custom look” template or pay $65 for your templates and have endless possibilities…. hmmmmm…

JS, JMP Studio

Your designs are clean, straightforward, modern, fresh, elegant. – They remind me of Whitehouse Glove designs or Martha Stewart. They’re very sophisticated in terms of following basic design. It’s my experience that what seems to look the simplest, is actually the most complex. The goopity gop that comes with all the templates I’ve looked at, including printers, is not good – it’s scrapbook stuff and if you want a higher end market, that’s not the look they’re after.


I bought your template package and absolutely love it!

K.O. Ontario

I am really enjoying using your templates. They are very versatile and were exactly what I was looking for. Your customer service is amazing. Such a fast response to my questions and helpful information makes me a very satisfied customer.


I am only just starting with this and I am blown away by just how good it is – It is just what I’m looking for, I’m so glad I have bought it. My very best regards.

Rab UK

Love the templates and the how to videos, lovely! 


Loving the templates. You just reduced my workflow significantly! Thanks.

D.B. China Grove, NC, USA

I think your product is top quality and I have tried to source similar in Australia and no-one is willing to share. Well done and I will keep an eye on your site for any future additions. This is a top quality product from a top quality seller. Thank you.

C.M. Victoria, Australia

It’s rare these days to stumble across a website that seems to have everything and then some you’ve been searching for and it’s even more rare that the products live up to what’s displayed. This wasn’t the case with The Album Studio, a website with photography related products including templates for custom album design and a fast track to Photoshop (targeted at a beginner, but a great refresher for those intermediate and above). I downloaded the album design templates to test them out.

Everything downloaded as advertised (fast and complete), and in the folder were tutorials and the templates. I dreaded going through the “eyes glaze over” experience I usually encounter in watching tutorials listening to someone explain things I never use or will use or even care to know about using, so I was blown away surprised that the tutorials were actually easy to follow, understand, concise, to the point, efficient and actually enjoyable.

I went back to the site to submit my thoughts along with my gratitude and heard from the person behind it all – Max. Who turns out to be a really talented and generous individual. One wishes more products and companies were honest about their products and services and a little more kind and enjoyable in the delivery. Check out The Album Studio. You won’t be disappointed.

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I used your templates for a wedding album I did and got great reviews from my clients it was 80 pages and took me a while to learn the process but it went fairly fast. I love your templates ad will continue to use them as references to how I can set up my pages. Thank you for an excellent product and good luck in business.

J.D. US.

This is everything I’ve been looking for and more! – Downloading them was easy and though a large file, I was up/running within an hour; your tutorials are clear and to the point and the templates are brilliant. I wish I’d found you sooner. Please keep me posted with any new product offerings. THANKS AGAIN!

PJ. Seattle, US

I just want to said to you a very big Thank You ! Your Album Studio is greate and very easy to use . I am a Pro French Photograph, making books with Blurb. I work with CS4 on mac OSX, and when I received your album pack, I lesson your 25 movies ! and all is OK. My first Blurb Book with TheAlbumStudio, is ready to be upload on Blurb server. Thank you again ! and sorry for my poor english langage.

Gerard Changeux, France

This is exactly what I have been looking for. I get the best of both worlds – tutorials on how to create templates and how to use the templates provided. I love it!


These videos are great! – I love your product. You can’t beat it! I can’t believe how easy all this stuff is! All these videos really put a lot of techniques together for me. Now I can concentrate on designing the album instead of figuring out how to do all this stuff! And your customer service is amazing. Such a fast response to my questions and helpful information makes me a very satisfied customer. Thank you for your great product!


I’ve just watched all of the tutorials and I have to say that I have learned so much – I’m not a novice to Photoshop or layers but I have learned so much stuff from your tutorials that I did not know about-things that can save me time, make my work more efficent, presentable and ulitimately make my business more profitable! I cannot think of one negative comment.

I don’t compliment for the sake of it but when I see something that is informative, educational and unique then I think it’s only good manners to do so! I appreciate the amount of work that has gone into your product and I thank you for sharing it with us. I wish you great success! – R.L. UK

The videos are so great and extremely well done. I really am enjoying learning from them and the voice is extremely relaxing to listen to. Great job on making them, they are a terrific idea and a very handy learning tool. Hoping you will release more – they are very good!!

L.Payne, Australia

Thank you, the splitter I created works very well. I am learning much from you, the videos are perfect length and right to the point. Love it. On a side note though the actions tutorial is right up there with sliced bread.

I’ve learned more through your videos than I have by reading. Once again Max thank you for a great product. I’m telling everyone at work about this.

C.D. Panama City, Florida, USA

Thank you very much for the free templates and album design Course. Very good job!!! Congratulations!

R Moyano, Spain

Thanks so much! I spent today watching all of the Album Design Course videos.  I feel so excited. I knew nothing about how to design an album a week ago.  After watching the videos,  I think I can do it by myself just fine.  I may be a bit slow at first, but you guys have made it so easy to learn, and I will always have the videos to fall back on. I am going to purchase the Album Studio Album Templates as soon as I send this email.  I can’t wait to get busy with them. I have also downloaded and watched the sample videos about Photoshop Fast. I will probably purchase that also in the very near future. I am impressed with your products, but I am super impressed with your customer support!  Thank you.


Great quality product with awesome service! 

K.P. Torrance, CA, USA

Excellent templates, easy to use and beautiful results Will be back! Thanks

K.U. Canada

Professional templates. Highly recommended.

F.M. Ore City, Texas, USA

Excellent,Excellent, Excellent (photographers don’t hesitate,Buy!)

R.K. Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Love the templates!!! Saving me tons of time.

Chris, Florida, USA

Super, thanks a million worth having, thanks.


This is a great item and a highly recommended seller- 1st class 

A.M. Leictershire, UK

Wow! Great templates, great instructions – You need these!!!!

C.D. Florida, USA

I love the templates. It has made designing my albums an absolute breeze!

Mel, US

Love this program!!! Well worth the money!!


Excellent templates – Cost effective, fast turnaround, fast download!


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