“The Simplest Album Design Techniques You’ll Ever Find…”

But don’t just believe what we say. Try them yourself for FREE! Right now we are giving away all our training courses, designs, worksheets and a premium pack of 8×10 flush templates.

In fact we’re giving away nearly everything we sell. Our only hope is that once you see how easy album design is you’ll come back for more album sizes.
Which means if our album design system isn’t as good as we say it is then we are about  to go bust!
So download everything now before we change our minds!

Album Templates Quick Start 8×10 Pack

To get started download our premium 8×10 Flush templates and our Quick Start Movie and PDF guide. Together these will quickly show you the techniques we use to create gorgeous albums. But remember this is just a Quick Start guide. To really learn the techniques well we recommend also downloading our full Album Design Course, listed next.

–> Download The 8×10 Premium Template Pack (44.9mb zip file)

Album Design Course (regular $65)

Album design using Photoshop is super easy when you know how. And we created 26 movies to teach you all the tricks and techniques you’ll ever need to create gorgeous albums. The movies will take you by the hand to show you how to create stunning albums.

You’ll learn…

How worksheets cut your album design time by 100%

How to create over 10,000 different layouts using our templates.

How to edit any layout  to create stunning, classic albums.

Why you should never use normal black and white effects on a colour albums… but dont worry we give you a black and white recipe specially designed for colour pages!

And there’s a lot more. In short the Album Design Course will turn you into a professional album designer able to turn out gorgeous albums that your clients will love.

–> Download The Album Design Course (150mb zip file)

Screen Calibration Kit

Inside this kit you’ll find a calibration movie and print file that you can use to calibrate your screen and computer system to any lab or album company. It’s an extremely effective but simple technique that is recommended by some of the best professional labs in the business. No need to purchase any more expensive electronic calibration devices.

–> Download Screen Calibration Kit (17mb zip file)

Photoshop Fast! (regular $95)

Photoshop Fast! is the course we wanted when we originally started out as wedding photographers.

Most courses on the market go into Photoshop in a lot of detail but yet miss out some very important lessons that a wedding or portrait photographer would need. In fact, when we originally learnt ourselves, we found it very hard to get all the information we needed in just one course.

“Photoshop Fast!” starts with the basics of Photoshop and moves quickly into professional yet simple image editing techniques designed specially for the wedding and portrait photographer. Then we go one step further and show you exactly how to automate the process.

Need a colour boost? Click once and its done. Boost some more, click one more time. Want black and white – one click and it’s there. Need to reduce or boost exposure – again one click and it’s done. We show in detail how these techniques work to adjust your images and then we show how to set up one click shortcuts to make it work in quick time. Running through a thousand or more images can be time consuming but when you use our techniques you’ll be editing super fast.

After you’ve learnt our professional image editing techniques we move on to teach how to use Photoshops built in automation to do the time consuming work for you. For example If you need to send out a set of proofs to your clients we show how to set up Photoshop to run through all your images and create a new folder full of images reduced in size with a cool watermark added to each and every one. Set up this action one time and use it a thousand times.

The Photoshop Fast! course contains 63 movies and contains techniques that work with Photoshop CS through to CS5. In fact whatever Photoshop you use you’ll find our techniques work. The majority of our movies cover a single technique so it’s easy to find exactly what you need when you need a recap.

With over 60 movies you’ll learn

  •  The correct way to set up Bridge and Photoshop for Efficient, Fast Workflow.
  •  How to speed up your editing with Actions.
  •  How to create magazine quality images.
  •  The best way to crop.
  •  How to straighten wonky buildings with our Keystoning tutorial.
  •  How to slim down your client with the incredible “PS Diet” (Your clients will LOVE this!)
  •  How to Fix Under and Over Exposure With One Click.
  •  How to Boost Colour like a Pro.
  •  How to highlight and darken shadows with our advanced Dodge and Burn techniques.
  •  How to balance bizarre colours and add cool Photo Filters
  •  How to add a cool Polarizer effect to make skies and dresses stand out!
  •  An awesome Creamy “Black and White” recipe specially designed for Colour Albums
  •  How to add a modern Moody High contrast effect.
  •  Portrait Editing For The Perfect Bridal Portraits
  •  How to remove annoying objects from that otherwise perfect shot.
  •  Pro Sharpening Tricks.
  •  The elegant way to add text and text effects to your shots.
  •  How to get Photoshop to run through all your images and process them for you. (This will save you HOURS!)
  •  How to Watermark your shots and how to get Photoshop to do all your images in under a minute. 
  •  How to set up multiple edits and get Photoshop to run them all on your images.
  •  Advanced Actions
  •  How to create small programs (Droplets) to do all the tedious Photoshop work. 
  •  and much, much more…

Plus we created special movies that cover multiple techniques as a general recap to show how all the techniques work together. The Photoshop Fast! course really is the course you need to go from beginner to super fast Photoshop whizz in no time at all.

–> Download Photoshop Fast! (183mb)

Marketing Movies!

The best way to make a fortune in Photography is to have your clients raving about you to all of their friends. And the best way to do that is to create some awesome freeby promotional items that they will share with everyone. This Marketing pack shows how to create some interesting marketing items such as business cards, montages, rough edges, glass frames and online web galleries. It’s everything you need to create some great bonus items for your clients. And it’s everything they need to spread word of mouth!

–> Download Marketing Movies (53mb zip file)

“Cheap Photo Software” Ebook

Photoshop is the essential software for Wedding and Portrait Photographers but at $699 it’s incredibly expensive.

In “Cheap Photo Software” we show you exactly how to get Photoshop for as low as $35. We’ll also look at Photoshop Elements and another Free image editing alternative. This book also covers basic album design principles.

–> Download “Cheap Photo Software” Now (Right click and “save as”)

Album Studio Designs and Classic Patterns (regular $65)

These 2 packs of unique backgrounds will allow you to create gorgeous backgrounds for your album layouts.

These are high resolution (300DPI) designs. This means they will easily fit any template that we sell. They will also fit most templates from other album design companies.

Plus they are amazingly simple to use. All you have to do is drag and drop them into your layouts and adjust the colours/layer effects as needed to create a multitude of great backdrops that you will love! We even created 4 movies that teach everything needed to create gorgeous backgrounds just like these:

Overlay Details:

– High Resolution 16x32in at 300DPI (9600px x 4800px). These are the biggest high resolution album overlays we’ve ever seen!

– Shrink To Fit – Leave them alone for a full size design or shrink them to fit to use a smaller design.

– Easy To Use – Drag and drop simplicity. Drag them into your favourite editor, design and edit as needed.

– Fully Editable – Any effect you can think of in Photoshop can be applied to create any design style you want. Add strokes, create a “Damask” effect and more…

– 4 Overlay Design Movies: We’ve created 4 movies to show you everything you need to create great backgrounds with these overlays.

Note: Our Designs come in 2 separate packs plus some “Done For You” overlays:

–> Album Studio Classic Patterns. Download Now. (15.4mb zip file)

–> Classic Patterns “Done For You” Samples (158mb zip file)

–> Album Studio Fun Designs. Download Now. (5.2mb zip file)

“Free Computer Security” Ebook

Everyone needs computer security; Anti-virus software, Firewalls etc and this book tells you how to get it all for free. Plus there are some great tips on how to use software to speed up your computer

We also cover how to safely backup all the important information on your computer. This is especially important for people whose livelihoods depend on the data stored on their computer (photographers etc)

–> Download “Free Computer Security” Now (right click and “save as”)

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