Frequently Asked Questions

What Guarantee Do You Offer?

We guarantee that this is the simplest album design system, you’ll ever find! :)

No seriously, we used to offer a full 365 day no-risk guarantee but then we decided to give away most of our products for free as well. So now you can try out all our techniques and get a pack of our premium templates and see for yourself if what we say is true.

And we still give you a 365 day no-risk guarantee on our premium packs. We stand by our products 100% and we are the only album design company to offer a full no questions asked guarantee on album templates.

So remember: Dont buy into any album design system without a guarantee.

Do you ever update the templates sizes?

Yes we do add new sizes if enough customers request them.

Are the templates available on disc?

No. But you don’t have to download all our products at once either – just download what you need when you need. There is only a time limit on the premium templates pack. Everything else can be downloaded at your leisure.

What Software Is Needed For The Templates?

They work on any version of Photoshop (CS and up) and Photoshop Elements (9 and up) and they also work on any software that opens layered PSD files such as the free Gimp editor which you can download below –

– Gimp Photo Editor Original (Free) – Download Here.

– GimpShop (Free) – Gimp made to look like Photoshop (recommended) – Download Here.

Gimp Portable – This is a portable version of Gimp – Download Here.

I’d like to get hold of Photoshop. Any suggestions on getting it cheaper?

Yes, definately. You can buy Photoshop often for as little as $35 and we created an ebook that shows how –

Download It Now (Right click – “save link as”)

What are the advantages of learning a program like Photoshop?

The big advantage is that once you learn how to design with Photoshop then you have a valuable skill that is very portable and very much in demand. Using the techniques we teach you can do all your image editing, create business cards, posters, 8×10 montages, engagement books etc.

If you use online album design systems then you are stuck with that one company. And quite often you are limited as to the style of your album layouts. You dont have full creative freedom the way you do when you use an image editor such as Photoshop.

Also think about what happens if that album company goes bust, or their albums go up in price or go down in quality? (This happens more than you realise). And what happens if your clients see an album from a different company that they want?

When offering albums to our clients I will usually have 2 or 3 albums from a variety of companies. I offer slip-in albums such as the Mario Acerboni Royal, which a is a beautiful album, but yet cheaper than a full flush. I would also offer a full flush album from Graphistudio. If I were to use one album companies’ proprietary system I couldn’t do that.

Occasionally a couple would also want us to shoot the wedding, but they’d seen another album from another photographer that they preferred. This is never a problem when you design using our templates.

With our templates you can create layouts that can be uploaded to any album company.
Can you recommend any album companies?

Yes, we can. This isn’t a large list. As professional photographers we found some great companies quickly and then stuck with them. Companies I can recommend are as follows:

– Graphistudio, Italian leather albums. Great quality, great price and they do really nice miniature albums. This is the company I used for my flush digital albums.
– Laguna Albums, I really like the albums from Laguna and their 5X7 albums make stunning Purse Albums.
 – Mario Acerboni, Another Italian album company. I primarily used them for their leather bound slip-in albums. The “Royal” album in particular is gorgeous. I sourced them in Canada from Leather Album Designs

– BonMatch – A Canadian based album company with an excellent selection of albums
– Extrema Album – This Swedish company is the perfect album company for our European customers. With your template pack you get templates designed to exactly match Extrema Albums specifications. Please note that these companies deal with professionals and will require you to have a professional account.

I am not a professional but want to create a nice album. Where should I go?

The following companies have excellent reputations for top quality products:

– Mpix – I use Mpix for prints for my slip-in albums. Top quality prints. Mpix is actually a pro lab (Millers Imaging) and Mpix is their public online store. Professional quality at consumer prices.
– Bayphoto – An excellent, well regarded lab based in Santa Cruz, California.

How does the album design and ordering process work? 

All printers and album companies vary somewhat in how they work. All will have full details on their website. Many of them will require you to create an account and when you do they will usually send you full details of the file requirements.

Most will need you to upload full left and right spreads (that’s how our templates are created) and some will require you to send individual left and right sides (in our movies we show how to create a splitter to do this automatically).

Most companies will require you to send flattened JPGs that are saved at level 10 at 300DPI. Some will need unflattened Jpegs, PSDs or PDFs. Our templates are already at 300DPI and you just have to remember to save as maximum quality when you save the finished layout.

Many of the album companies will also allow you to send a sample file up so you can calibrate your screen to their system. Once you have decided which album company to use take a good look at their websites and their technical instructions.

So to summarise –
1. Choose a company.
2. In the case of the professional ones (listed first) you must apply for an account.
3. Look for their technical literature (in brochures, PDFs or on their websites)
4. Upload files as per their instructions (or burn a CD and post as needed).
5. Send details of which albums you need.

Post Sale/Download Questions

I purchased but have not received a download email:

An email with the download link should arrive in your inbox usually within 5 minutes of purchase. If you dont see it please check your junk mail or bulk email folder. If it doesn’t arrive after 30 minutes please send us a message using our contact page.

My download failed but now I don’t have any downloads left. What do I do now?

Our system has a security feature built in to only allow 3 downloads. It also only gives you a 48 hour window to complete your download. If you need a download link re-activating we can do that. Send us a quick email  and we’ll re-activate your download.

I clicked on the download link and it says “Link Not Found” or “Page No Longer Available”. What do I do now?

Again, this is our system telling you that you waited more than 48 hours. Email us and we will re-activate it for you.

I just purchased your templates and when I go to click on the link it brings me to a blank google page. What is happening?

This is Google intercepting and logging your online activity. This is likely due to you having installed some kind of Google product such as a Google toolbar or Google Chrome. Because our links are secure it confuses the Google spyware. Disable any Google toolbars and try again.

I keep trying to download but the download keeps failing half way through.

This is usually a Firewall or Wireless Connection problem. Try temporarily disabling your Firewall and ensure you have an always on connection such as DSL or Cable. You should also download the FREE download manager (for Windows) or check this list of download managers for Macs from If a download fails this software will allow you to pick up where you left off rather than having to start again.

I downloaded my pack but it wont unzip or appears corrupted.

Occasionally a firewall can corrupt a download. Temporarily disable your firewall and try again. Also ensure that you are downloading from a high speed always on connection such as Cable or DSL. We do not recommend Wireless. (Dont forget to re-enable your firewall after successful download).

I am trying to download from work but the download keeps failing.

If you work at a company that is big enough to have an IT department then your company likely has a very strong firewall. If you are authorised to download at work you should contact your IT department for help.

What is a Zip File?

Our download packs are quite big, so to enable faster downloads we have compressed them into zip files. Most computers should already have unzip software built in. If not you can use Winrar (for Windows computers) or Stuffit Expander (for Macs). These are free programs.

Once you have the download on your computer, you should be able to right click on the zip file and extract to a folder on your computer.