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Pack Contains.

Flush Templates (in Inches)
Portrait/Landscape: 8X6, 8.5X11, 8X12, 11X13, 11X14, 16X12
Portrait Only: 18×12
Landscape Only: 32×12, 28×11
Square: 8X8, 10X10, 12X12, 14X14, 16X16

European Flush (in cm)
Portrait/Landscape: 20X30, 34.7X50.8
Square: 20X20, 30X30, 40X40

Slip-In Designs (in inches, for digital “slip-in” style albums)
Portrait/Landscape: 8X10, 8X12,
Square: 10X10 (Changeable to 12×12, 8X8 etc)

Purse Album Template
This is a 5×7 Multi-Layer templates with built in Rough Edges. It is designed to create a small “Purse Album” that can be carried around and shown to everyone. This could be a massive advertising opportunity. Most brides will not take their high end 11×14 hiue album to work or to show when visiting other people. But if you give her a small “Purse Album” she will take it everywhere and show it everywhere. Some photographers also create a tiny version of their main albums but this shrinks the photos to a sizes that is almost un-viewable. Instead create a beautiful “Purse Album” that has just one highlighted image per page…

Note: With Flush packs contain both full spread designs (designs that run across the layout) and our “Mix ‘n Match” designs that can be added to either left or right side. Numbers of templates in each pack do vary slightly but are around the 180mark. Over 10,000 different layouts are possible with our Mix ‘n Match styles. Sizes are based on album page sizes. Full spread size will be double. All sizes are in inches unless otherwise indicated.

Template Details:

Over 2,000 templates in total. 10,000 design possibilities.

High Resolution: All templates are 300DPI multi-layered Photoshop layouts.

Use Your Favourite Editor: Works with any editor that can access PSD files such as Photoshop (CS-CS6 and on), Photoshop Elements (9, 10 and 11 etc) and the Free Gimp Photo Editor

Mac or PC: Templates are platform independent.

Fully Editable: Flip, rotate, duplicate, delete – Your choice!

Changeable Backgrounds: Change the colours, add photos and gradients

– Free Updates: Need a new size, just ask!

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